Funding Our Programs

Marching Band

While the band director and activity buses are funded by Wake County Schools, all other costs from the basics of instrument repair, sectional instructors, cleaning uniforms, to paying for bus drivers, competition fees, truck rentals and meals for football games/competitions (bands are like the army in Nepoleon's quote "...they march on the stomachs") are funded through the Band Boosters.

We also invest in a series of Band Camp events, including instructors, both away and at school, to develop the skills and get the practice required of an award winning marching band.  Away Band Camp is a major investment that accelerates the development of skills and teamwork needed for a great season. The location at Frostburg State University, in the mountains of Western Maryland, provides significantly lower temperature and humidity improving safety and productivity for our long days of practice and eliminates the many distractions of teenage life for a week so that we can focus on music, marching and working as a team under our new student leadership.  Away camp allows us to greatly reduce rehearsal time once the school year starts.

Our goal is to make marching band accessible for everyone that is willing to commit to the group, be a positive influence and work hard.  We use a program called "Fair Share" to encourage participation in various activities that are credited to that students "fair share" of the cost of operating the marching band.  Many families cover over 30%, some 50% and a few 100% of the cost through the many fair share options.

In 2018-19, the fair share for marching band is $1145 and has two components, our 4 camps before the school year starts, and the marching season. Payments are due in monthly installments from July - December.  Your deposit of $220 in April is applied to the camp costs.  For more details see the Marching Band Financial Commitment Form.